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Personal and Proactive

CX Company understands that customers want the right information at the right time. Personalised and proactive. Whether it’s the virtual assistant on your website, the personalised notifications in your app, your chatbot or on social media, DigitalCX is here to help.

Self-learning and multilingual. Secure and scalable. With clever workflows and a proven track record. DigitalCX is the only solution in the market today that’s enterprise ready.

Devices & Platforms

Intigration with multiple platforms

Over 30 companies rely on DigitalCX to power millions of customer interactions daily.

We Engage for clients such as:


Leading the way for the enterprise

With over 10 years experience in innovating digital customer engagement for major enterprises, we have proved our strength. Our solutions are manageable, secure and scalable. We live and breathe technology innovation to ensure our digital customer engagement platform stays ahead of the field when it comes to:

  • natural language processing
  • contextual knowledge management
  • self learning capabilities
  • tailorable interaction workflows

Why enterprises choose to automate digital customer engagement

It’s not easy to keep thousands of customers satisfied. You need to answer their questions, provide information and actively engage in two-way conversation. Automating part of this process with an intelligent customer engagement platform will reduce costs, increase revenue and grow customer engagement. Better still, it will turn your digital spaces into personal communication channels, where you and your customers can interact and engage. DigitalCX enables enterprises to:

  • Reduce calls
  • Increase conversion
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get better customer insights

Let’s get personal

DigitalCX enables you to engage with customers on a personal level. It uses context to make every communication relevant for every customer, every time. It redefines customer engagement and adds a human touch to the relationship between company and customer.

Context enables you to:

  • Give personalised answers to customer questions
  • Provide relevant sales recommendations at the right time
  • Anticipate customer needs and engage proactively
  • Provide coaching and information based on customer data

Integrate with all the platforms you know and love

With DigitalCX it’s easy to connect with your CRM and add more context to the conversation. You can also integrate with social media platforms to make it easier for customers to reach you. With DigitalCX you’re just a click away from your customers.

Integrate with:

  • CRM
  • Messenger
  • Twitter

Use automated customer engagement to talk to customers anyway, anytime and on any platform or device

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